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Books – Synopsis

Here are a few synopsis of selected works.

The Grímsson detective series – Synopsis
A synopsis of four books, by Alexander Dan
Hrafn Grímsson is clairvoyant and frequently sees the grim shadow of death before it approaches. This intimacy of death has saved his skin in the past, but it is not a gift he bears lightly.
Nautid - kiljukapaThe Bull and the Girl – Synopsis
Two tourist girls find themselves stranded in the remote parts of east Iceland when their car breaks down. They head to a nearby farm, Uxavellir, which at first seems to be abandoned. There is no one in sight, only the paranoid bark of a dog inside the house.
Skuggarnir - kiljukapaThe Shadows – Synopsis
The story is a psychological thriller about Kolbrún (Kolla) and Tímóteus (Timmi), who are going on a hiking trip in the fall, crossing a barren Icelandic highland.
odadahraun_kiljukapaMemento Mori – Synopsis
Odinn R. Elsuson, a hardened criminal, finds himself one day in the possession of a mysterious undelivered letter.
Wolfheart – Synopsis
The book is about Alexander, a 19 year old high-school drop out in Reykjavík. His life takes an unexpected turn when he meets and falls in love a 17 year old girl, Védís. Everything becomes more complicated when he notices changes in his body after a night he can not remember. He wakes up in a strange place and is met there by a group of men who claim that he is a werewolf – like them. Now, everything happens quickly and his unexciting life as a coke-truck driver gets full of unexpected events.