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About the author

“The rusty brown hull rests on the reef below the surface, slanting thirty degrees at the back and tilting another five to its port side, with its prow piercing through the ice and its stern suspended in midair over a pitch black crack. Way at the back, a six-storey wheelhouse stoops and rises from the fathomless depths like a haunted house, staring through the empty windows of the bridge into nothingness. In daylight and good weather, a bluish light filters through the ice and over the depths where curious seals swim around the wreck, which drifts to and fro with the ocean currents, issuing drawn out screeches and muffled thuds, and a thick trail of oil that in the faint light looks green, pink and violet, simmers up under the layer of the ice like some liquid form of the northern lights.

That which sleeps for eternity is not dead… “ – From The Ship.

Stefan_ManiStefán Máni has been writing and publishing novels since 1996. Prior to that time, he was working in the fishing industry in his hometown, Ólafsvík. At the age of 17 he dropped out of school, became a worker and travelled the World in search of rock and roll concerts and other adventures. He put all his belongings in a Russian station wagon and moved to Reykjavík to publish his first book, The Door on Black Mountain (today an expensive out-of-print collectors item). For the first 10 years as a writer, he was working full or half time in various jobs; as construction worker, dishwasher, in a printing press and in a home for the insane. His first major success, at home and abroad, was The Ship. Since then he has been writing the Grímsson detective series and a young adult trilogy, among occasional thriller and other work. He still lives in Reykjavík. He is still writing.

Agent: Ethan Ellenberg