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Memento Mori – Synopsis

odadahraun_kiljukapaBy Stefán Máni
Billions and brutality

Odinn R. Elsuson, a hardened criminal, finds himself one day in the possession of a mysterious undelivered letter. The letter opens the doors for Odinn into the world of finance and share trading, and before he knows it the king of the underworld is waging war with the country’s leading capitalists. Unafraid to make use of various tricks and ruses, Odinn is an instant success, and for a while looks set to become one of the richest and most influential men of his day. The last of the giants of Icelandic legend, Odinn is a monstrous figure, simultaneously inspiring both fear and adulation, who will stop at nothing where money and power are con­cerned. But no man is without his own private devils …

Memento Moriis Stefan Mani’s eighth novel, following in the wake of The Ship, which was among the best-selling works of 2006 in Iceland. In this new book, the under­world and the financial world merge to form the setting for a gripping tale straight out of Icelandic reality.

Memento Mori is the epitaph of the Icelandic stock market adventure. A hard-hitting thriller that keeps the reader enthralled from beginning to end.


“A top-notch adventure tale, which grips you from the very first chapter. A fantastic crime novel … Once again, Stefán Máni’s style pulls no punches … No sooner have you read the last page than you’re hungry for more.”
Thorarinn Thorarinsson / DV Newspaper

“Finished Stefán Máni’s fast-paced, cruel and exciting novel yesterday. Strange how the book’s focus is right on target these days, even if crime is naturally always topical … Securities fraud and double-dealing – sounds just like current events, or?
Gurri Haraldsdottir /

“Stefán Máni spins a fast-moving and hard-hitting tale”
Thorarinn Thorarinsson / Nytt Lif(magazine)

“I have been more or less out of action all day. Have been reading a book that I just couldn’t put down. … Memento mori is an unbelievably enjoyable and well written book. Recommend you read this one.”
Jenny A Baldursdóttir